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About Us

The Non- Destructive Testing Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCT is well positioned as an entity of excellence to provide skills development and coordinate projects at the leading edge of technology in the Non Destructive Testing Field and Composites Structural Integrity.

The research and development taking place at our laboratory aims to augment the capability of Industry to inspect structures non-destructively, but also to enhance the capability of establishing structural integrity through sensor monitoring techniques and associated modern technology.

Laser based optical techniques researched and developed at UCT have produced technology demonstrators capable of the above mentioned desired goal. The researchers at UCT's NDT Laboratory are committed to continuously update and enhance the capabilities of these technology demonstrators in ESPI and Shearography techniques by adopting and employing the latest state of the art technology. This is by nature an ongoing process, enabling the continuous improvement of these technology demonstrators both in their functionality and financial aspects.

The use of embedded sensors and hence invasive methods, as opposed to what is mentioned above, adds materially to the capability of having a better understanding of the response of composite and sandwich laminates and of their structural performance under the influence of external forces such as low-energy impact, vibration, thermal loading etc.

International collaboration and benchmarking of the research outputs forms an ongoing successful activity of the NDT Laboratory exemplified by the presentation of papers at local and international conferences and publication of papers in international peer reviewed journals