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Postgraduate Studies

Honours and Postgraduate Student Opportunities

We are able to offer scholarships to students who are citizens of South Africa and who are both eligible and interested in pursuing NDT/E studies.

PhD Students: 

Industrial subventions together with university and other academic stipends make attractive financial packages supporting fees and other expenses while studying for the degree.  Quite often PhD students are entrusted with teaching and tutorial duties, thus attracting further funding.  Typically duration of study for the degree would be 3 or more years and qualification is by submission of dissertation alone. 

MSc Students:

Financial subvention through industrial sources as well as NRF and University bursaries are available for suitably qualified students to research not only the field of optical non-destructive testing techniques but also to add value to more conventionally accepted NDE/T techniques.  Qualification to a MSc degree is either by dissertation alone or by a combination of dissertation and course work.

Honours Students 

(4th Year BSc Eng.):

BSc Engineering finalists are required to complete a major project prior to graduation.  As an introductory step to subsequent postgraduate studies, a modest financial assistance is offered to students electing to pursue final year projects in the general field of non-destructive testing.  

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