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Portable Shearography NDT/E System

The portable Shearography NDT/E prototype can be seen in the picture below.  The system consists of a Shearography head which incorporates the video camera, laser, shearing optics and controls.  The head is mounted onto a sturdy tripod that allows the operator to easily change the orientation of the head unit. The camera is connected to a computer and frame grabber and custom written software controls the image acquisition procedure and processing of images.  A laser controller and camera power supply completes the system.  

Portable Electronic Speckle Interferometric NDT/E System

The ESPI prototype can be seen in the picture below.  The system consists of a micro interferometer, mounted on top of a video camera.  The interferometer uses a diode laser as the illumination source and fiber optics to introduce the reference beam into the camera optics.  The whole unit is mounted on an air damped sturdy tripod which allows the ESPI head unit to be orientated in any desired direction.  The camera is connected to a computer and digitizer and custom written software is used to control the digitizer, acquire images and perform all image processing routines.

Digital Shearography System

The latest addition to the UCT NDT laboratory developed prototypes is the portable Digital Shearography system seen in the picture below.   The unit consists of a self contained digital shearography head unit system which includes camera, laser, shearing optics, phase stepper and adjustment controls. The head unit is mounted onto a sturdy, adjustable tripod. A portable industrial PC is added to the system and contains the framegrabber, phase stepper driver and custom written software which controls all aspects of the image acquisition and processing capabilities of the system.